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New Day, New Name

Posted by M Starr on March 4, 2019 at 11:45 AM

I suppose you have noticed the name change by now. Yes! I have gone back to my bloggers name. For the past couple of years I lost track of myself and went off the rails so to speak. I had totally forgotten why I even started selling these vintage patterns. The original stash that I had came from my mothers collection of patterns that I, over the years, built on. It became and obsession with me to say the least.  I have had my bloggers name at mymotherscorner.wordpress.com and it was also on facebook at mymotherscorner I tried to break off into a small business but I realized that really wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to connect with people, provide them with vintage out of print patterns, share what I had inherited from my mother and also to showcase my dog sweaters and original designs. 

So, upon reflection over the past few months, and just feeling that I had lost my inner self,  I came to a realization that I had totally strayed from what I really wanted to do. Hence the namechange on this site. I will be keeping my wordpress blog as it is but I will also be blogging on this site, most likely just one post put on both sites. As for the meaning of this site name I will try to make it clear for you, and I still giggle when I think of it.

 I had spent the better part of the evening before trying to finish up a knitting order and when I had finished I just got up from my chair in the corner and went to bed. The next morning I plodded down the stairs to get my morning coffee, came around the corner of the living room and just stood and looked at the pieces of yarn, knitting needles and candy wrappers. They had totally taken over my corner of the living room. I thought to myself "How did this happen?  How did I manage to have my mothers corner. You see, when I was younger I used to say to Mom. "How can you make such a mess?  How does this happen?"  She would laugh and say. Well I can't seem to get anything done without making a mess"  Well I have become my mother! I don't know how or when this actually happened but it did. So as I stood looking at the mess in the corner I started giggling and thought.. Yup. I have become my mother's corner. yup  sure did. 

So that in a nutshell is how I came up with the name of my blog. My mother is gone but I carry on her legacy of making a total disaster in my corner. And NO I will not take pictures..hehehehe. My website that used to be TrueNorthCreations has now been changed to MyMothersCorner. I feel pretty good about this name change. Everything is the same, and I will also be relisting all these patterns on Etsy under mymotherscorner, but this is a time consuming task as Etsy has no way of moving files from one account to another in bulk. One at a time is the way I will have to go.

So on that cheery storm day note I am off to have lunch and then start working on transferring my files.  Have a bright and happy day.... KNIT ON!


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