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Posted by M Starr on September 12, 2018 at 12:50 AM

It took some time and some fenangling with the web site provider and ICANNS domain provider but I think all the glitches are worked out and my new site is fully functional. I am darn near crosseyed but in the end I am happy with how it looks so far. Now knowing me I will go to bed tonight and when I open my eyes there will be some new idea that has popped into my head and I will have to come back and redo some things. 

With all this web work taking place I haven't had much time to knit or crochet (some surfing done for ideas for new projects) but now that the site is running smoothly (I hope) I will be able to start making some stock to list and sell. With all the heat we have had over the past couple of months it has been extremely difficult to even think of picking up the needles and yarn. 

Well today we are having a good old fashioned rainy day (much needed) ...YAY  The day started with me getting on the kitchen stool and cleaning my living room windows (outside) before the rain really hit, cleaning the inside of the windows, coralling dust bunnies in the living room and this was all before 9am. There is a crock pot full of beef stew cooking away in the kitchen, animals are settled in for a quiet relaxing day, so I hope to make use of the rest of the day by gathering up what yarns I need for my next project and getting at it. Time to search through Netflix and put on a non thinker or maybe just Tune-In and listen to some relaxing music. The sky is the limit now!..hehehehe

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