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Big Changes Coming

Posted by M Starr on July 14, 2018 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After a full spring of reflection I have decided to not do any more local craft shows, either organizing or participating. This is a decision that was difficult for me but I am OK with it now. It had become a true effort for me and it just didn't seem like fun anymore. I spent the last 6 months going through my studio cleaning and purging. How the heck do we accumulate so much STUFF! Always looking for the next big trend, buying the stuff, making it and then trying to get it sold. I had spent way too much money and time in those ventures, and as we crafter/artisans know, you can't make money on doing crafts. Well, I am about 85% done with the whole process and feeling pretty good about it. I have sold machines and craft supplies that I would never use again, gave away yarns to a local charity and trashed a whole lot more than I expected. I am embarassed to say that I had containers in my studio that hadn't been touched in at least 10 years so I knew the stuff was not going to be used in the future. OMG I had become a "CRAFT HOARDER"!  It started out feeling like I was tossing/selling a little piece of myself but then slowly realized, it is Just STUFF!.. and STUFF does not make a person. 

Last year was particularly taxing for me, mentally and physically, so I have decided to put my time and effort into building my online presence. To be honest, that is how this all started many years ago..I worked when I wanted,...knit, listed and sold, I was making and selling dog sweaters on Ebay. I liked that, seriously, didn't have to deal with anyone face to face. I had a great customer following and people waited for me every weekend to list the sweaters of the week and sometimes the bidding was nuts. It was fun and was true validation of how much they appreciated my work. Actually I heard from a woman that had purchased many sweaters from me  over 15 years ago and she still wears them on her dogs. They held up extremely well. That was nice to hear. I am not sure how well the sales would go on Ebay anymore as the asian market has invaded it and are selling stuff so cheap that it is really not worth listing there anymore. So like I said.. I will be making and listing on this site. I will have in-stock and will probably be taking special orders (although very limited) 

With all that being said, this site will undergo a slight name change. The True North will remain but I will change the Knitting part to something that will reflect all I do. So watch for the new name change which will coming shortly.  I will be doing some more designing (which is what I love to do) as well as using up my yarns to produce hats, headbands, dog sweaters.... you name it. I just need to get back to what started all this for me. I love knitting and crochetting and I plan to spend the fall and winter doing what I love and taking care of ME. When I decided the patterns that I will concentrate on I will then work and sell what I have made. 

And on that note I will end today's blog and continue revamping and cleaning up my site. And of course some more searching through my patterns to decide what I am going to concentrate on. And YES I am a pattern hoarder as well. I have so many folders that it will take me forever to make up a favorite folder for me to work from. Seriously, quit laughing ,,,,, you know you do it as well.. haha