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Recalculating...buffer buffer

Posted by M Starr on December 7, 2018 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This cold finally did me in. I ended up having to get medication to knock it out of me, which knocked me out physically. I guess my body needed to rest and recoup as I spent a lot of time laying on the couch, watching a movie though my eyelids.  Every so many years I go through this but this time I was fortunate that  it did not move into my chest like it normally does. ..phew.. With that being said I made the call a week before I had to do my one and only craft show that I was doing this year.  I knew the way I was feeling that it would knock me out so I made that call for my benefit and also I did not want to pass anything along, even though I think I am way past the point of passing the germs around. 

So I have a container full of stuff I had planned to sell at this show. No biggie. I will just slide it under the table in my room and consider it a good start for next year. I did however have a lot of time to surf, pinterest.,,etsy.. etc. Read a lot of blogs and help sites with participating in a show. I know as an organizer I have always spoken to my vendors not to pile things on their tables. It really is a turnoff to see things stacked in piles. I know they want to sell all their stock but seriously you cannot just put everything on your table and expect shoppers to dig through your items. Shoppers will see this as way too much shit (pardon the language). I have decided to concentrate on 2 hat designs (in various sizes) an earwarmer design, and a neckwarmer design. That's it!. Instead of having 10 different types of hats scattered on a table, I plan to make a design that is appealing and inviting. This might be a mistake on my part but I will have an album of designs I can make and will take orders if you want something in particular. I thought it was time to change it up a bit so we will see how that will work out. I will also have a few hand painted ornaments as small ticket items for those shoppers with limited spending habits.

As for selling online right now, with the postal disruptions I thought it would not be a good thing to try and ship something out. This sucks! I have seen a lot of my friends panic as they watch their items sit in a postal facility. So it will be time to look into other options for shipping, get some pricing and see if that will work in the long term. Seriously.. when you go to ship a hat across Canada and the shipping cost is higher than the actual cost of the hat, then something is wrong! I have made the ones with the fur poms on them and tried to vacuum seal them but the poms won't squish enough to be able to put them in a bubble envelope and send them cheaply (rethinking the poms at this time) As for shipping to the states, it is 1/3 the price of the cost of canadian address shipping.  Again  GO FIGURE!!!.. and they want us to support their strike? When did greed overshadow customer service I say. OK enough about the strike. Nothing I can do about it from my little corner of the world but it sure put a halt on my sales for this year.  

So with that being said, I have worked on a pattern for weeks as I was recovering. Working,, tearing out,,, measuring.. remeasuring.. tearing out.. you get the idea. hahahaha..Came up with 11 different sizes of one particular pattern. I wanted to make an easy chart for Crocheters to refer to when making hats. I am not telling you what size hook to use,, nope.. it is all in the measurements. Easy right? Just grab some yarn, grab a hook (whatever size you want) and get started. 

This pattern can be made with anything from sock yarn to super bulky. It is basically an easy to follow chart that is my now "go to" when I make hats. No more guessing how long or wide a hat should be to fit a particular person. 

I have this pattern for sale


This pattern is a great one to follow while sitting by the fire, cuddled under a quilt and watching a movie. It is really a non thinker exept for when you have to stop to measure and great for using up scraps and partially used skeins of yarn. 

So as I sit here looking out my living room window at the snow falling (not predicted) and looking forward to Christmas with my better half and Christmas dinner with my Daughter and her family I have to reflect on how flipping lucky I really am. One more concert to attend (can't wait for this one) and a bit more baking to do but I am not stressing about anything this year. I am finally on the mend and I am looking forward to making it through another winter and coming out on the other side of it. (thoughts of spring, wet earth, flowers,, you get it) 

Have a peaceful safe ****Holiday Season**** and don't forget to hold your loved ones close to you as nothing in life is promised. 

November UpDates

Posted by M Starr on November 29, 2018 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Well it is nice to be back in the land of the semi-living. I have had a cold since the second week in October.. yes!!! you read that correct. A few days after Canadian Thanksgiving I came down with a whopper of a cold. Last week I finally went to see my doctor for my bloodwork update and he gave me some steriods for my sinus infection and 10 days worth of antibiotics. It has been 6 days and I am finally starting to feel the effects of the medications but I am far from been fully cured yet.  I was supposed to participate in a craft show/luncheon this weeked (my favorite show to do by the way) but I made the decision that I should not push the envelope by heading out early, unloading, setting up and then on my feet all day talking to people, and then the tear down and  inevitable passing out on the couch for the rest of the evening. Anyone that knows me will agree that this is horrible for me. I don't like cancelling and I was really looking forward to doing this show again this year. Enough pity party I guess. Not much you can do when you are trying to get back on your feet. Yesterday I went to get my snow tires installed, now here is where it gets real!. I was not going to put my tires on as I really don't drive much throughout the winter. I figured I would save the time and money for this year and If the roads are bad, I just stay home. No Biggie right?.  Well something kept nagging at me to put the tires on regardless of how much I drive. So I made the appointment and down I went to Midas to get them done. After 5 minutes the owner came out and said.. "I think you need to see this".. whenever that is said you know it can't be good for the pocketbook. I went out and he said.. watch this.. and he took my tire that he just installed and  it wiggled in all directions.. WHAT???? good grief.. I was driving like that?.. He said it would have only been a matter of a short while that it would have broken off and My whole tire and rim would have gone flying. I got goosebumps!!!!. I don't even want to think of that right now, seriously. I didn't have any warning, no bumping sounds, no stearing wheel shakes,,,,,,nothing!. At that moment I realized that the nagging feeling was someone or something sitting on my shoulder watching out for me....again goosebumps. So now the wheel bearing is replaced, my snowtires are on and I get to go on for another day. 

On the upside of this I have been taking pictures and will be selling the hats and neckwarmers I have made. I have just listed a new pattern for the Northern Ribbed Crochet Hat. This hat pattern incorporates 11 different sized from Preemie to Adult Large. I just love this pattern and I have worked out a chart for you to follow to make this hat in any size yarn from sock yarn to super bulky. Just follow the chart sizing and you are good to go. You can find the pattern  


I have spent a bit of time today rearranging my yarns for my continuing projects, got my car windshield covered for the impending suck bucket weather coming in and supper is ready to start in a couple of hours. (garlic butterd baked Halibut with Mozzarella cheese on top)

So right now I am snuggled under a quilt (40 years old by the way) drinking hot tea, eating a cranberry orange muffin and watching Christmas movies and realizing how lucky I am to have a nagging something or other sitting on my shoulder...hahahaha

Big Accomplishments

Posted by M Starr on September 12, 2018 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

It took some time and some fenangling with the web site provider and ICANNS domain provider but I think all the glitches are worked out and my new site is fully functional. I am darn near crosseyed but in the end I am happy with how it looks so far. Now knowing me I will go to bed tonight and when I open my eyes there will be some new idea that has popped into my head and I will have to come back and redo some things. 

With all this web work taking place I haven't had much time to knit or crochet (some surfing done for ideas for new projects) but now that the site is running smoothly (I hope) I will be able to start making some stock to list and sell. With all the heat we have had over the past couple of months it has been extremely difficult to even think of picking up the needles and yarn. 

Well today we are having a good old fashioned rainy day (much needed) ...YAY  The day started with me getting on the kitchen stool and cleaning my living room windows (outside) before the rain really hit, cleaning the inside of the windows, coralling dust bunnies in the living room and this was all before 9am. There is a crock pot full of beef stew cooking away in the kitchen, animals are settled in for a quiet relaxing day, so I hope to make use of the rest of the day by gathering up what yarns I need for my next project and getting at it. Time to search through Netflix and put on a non thinker or maybe just Tune-In and listen to some relaxing music. The sky is the limit now!..hehehehe

I hope you get a chance to look around my site, don't forget to , SHARE or  LIKE WITH your friends and subscribe  for updates

New Pattern

Posted by M Starr on August 16, 2018 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Here it is,,,,, the middle of August, I have sort of survived the heat wave without melting into the pavement. This has been by far the hottest summer that I can remember. What the heck is with that????.. My A/C died last year and I decided.. heck.. we are on the east coast.. I am sure we won’t actually need it.. HA! By the time we got back from a vacation we were soggy towel deep in the heat wave here. No problem I will go out and get a new A/C. Well,, NOPE.. no A/C’s available either locally or online!.. had I known that I would have picked one up in the states and brought it home. So the panic set in. Phone calls.. internet searches,,, no luck. but I was not giving up. I found on on our local kijiji and got so excited that I bought it that evening without actually measuring the window.. big mistake… it was too high for our bedroom window. oh dang.. oh dang.. I just paid for something that I could not use.. so.. back to kijiji to relist it …. guess what.. it sold in 1/2 hour and was picked up shortly after that!.. yup that is how bad the situation is here. After about a week of searching I found another one at Bed bath and beyond,, and had it shipped in. (Yes I measured to make sure it fit).. So now I am a happy camper.. I have had a cool sleep every night and now my brain is starting to function again.

Anyway. It is time to get back to business with my patterns. I have come up with a new pattern in my head and started writing it down last week. Anyone that does patterns knows this is a long process as we have to write them down then do the prototype for it, knit, rip out,, fix,, knit.. rip it out again.. measure,, remeasure,, rewrite.. you get it right?

Well here is a sneak peek at my next design that will be found on http://www.truenorthknitting.net when it is completed

Any guesses?. huh?.. ok off I go to finish knitting up this prototype, work on getting my pattern into my template for sale and then list it for sale. Thank heavens that it is cooling off a bit so I can at least function around the house.

On that note. I am going to refill my water and get back at it again

Big Changes Coming

Posted by M Starr on July 14, 2018 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After a full spring of reflection I have decided to not do any more local craft shows, either organizing or participating. This is a decision that was difficult for me but I am OK with it now. It had become a true effort for me and it just didn't seem like fun anymore. I spent the last 6 months going through my studio cleaning and purging. How the heck do we accumulate so much STUFF! Always looking for the next big trend, buying the stuff, making it and then trying to get it sold. I had spent way too much money and time in those ventures, and as we crafter/artisans know, you can't make money on doing crafts. Well, I am about 85% done with the whole process and feeling pretty good about it. I have sold machines and craft supplies that I would never use again, gave away yarns to a local charity and trashed a whole lot more than I expected. I am embarassed to say that I had containers in my studio that hadn't been touched in at least 10 years so I knew the stuff was not going to be used in the future. OMG I had become a "CRAFT HOARDER"!  It started out feeling like I was tossing/selling a little piece of myself but then slowly realized, it is Just STUFF!.. and STUFF does not make a person. 

Last year was particularly taxing for me, mentally and physically, so I have decided to put my time and effort into building my online presence. To be honest, that is how this all started many years ago..I worked when I wanted,...knit, listed and sold, I was making and selling dog sweaters on Ebay. I liked that, seriously, didn't have to deal with anyone face to face. I had a great customer following and people waited for me every weekend to list the sweaters of the week and sometimes the bidding was nuts. It was fun and was true validation of how much they appreciated my work. Actually I heard from a woman that had purchased many sweaters from me  over 15 years ago and she still wears them on her dogs. They held up extremely well. That was nice to hear. I am not sure how well the sales would go on Ebay anymore as the asian market has invaded it and are selling stuff so cheap that it is really not worth listing there anymore. So like I said.. I will be making and listing on this site. I will have in-stock and will probably be taking special orders (although very limited) 

With all that being said, this site will undergo a slight name change. The True North will remain but I will change the Knitting part to something that will reflect all I do. So watch for the new name change which will coming shortly.  I will be doing some more designing (which is what I love to do) as well as using up my yarns to produce hats, headbands, dog sweaters.... you name it. I just need to get back to what started all this for me. I love knitting and crochetting and I plan to spend the fall and winter doing what I love and taking care of ME. When I decided the patterns that I will concentrate on I will then work and sell what I have made. 

And on that note I will end today's blog and continue revamping and cleaning up my site. And of course some more searching through my patterns to decide what I am going to concentrate on. And YES I am a pattern hoarder as well. I have so many folders that it will take me forever to make up a favorite folder for me to work from. Seriously, quit laughing ,,,,, you know you do it as well.. haha