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Angry Bird Hats and More!

Posted by M Starr on December 16, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Well I did it!.. I got caught up with the hats I was making..


Watermelon Hat (Toddler Size)  Angry Bird Hat (kids size 4-8)



Minnie Mouse Hat (kids size 4-8)  Watermelon Bucket Hats for Little Girls




Minion and minnie mouse hat


I am pretty well done before Christmas but I will take orders for any of these hats. Feel free to contact me madebymau@gmail.com or just use the contact widget on the right side of this page.

These hats sell for $16.00 + $4.00 S/H

Never a Dull Moment

Posted by M Starr on September 8, 2011 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)


Once again time ran out and I never got around to posting any blog messages. Since my last post I have been extremely busy. My partner tore her Achilles tendon (in a full cast for weeks, no weight bearing) and as for me. Well I was working in my studio and of course since it was july I had my sandals on. I turned on my chair from my work table to open the large cupboard I have that I keep my supplies in. Well before I knew it, My ribbon making board dropped out and landed on my foot,, yup.. right between the straps on my sandals.. ouch!.. I shook it off and figured.. oh well.. it turned purple,, got swollen but,, hey.. I could walk on it so it wasn’t broken.. NOT!!! After two weeks and many ice packs later I had decided to have it checked at the clinic. The dr sent me immediately to have xrays and low and behold I had cracked the bone on the bridge of my foot.. Not only did I crack the bone but I had broken a piece off and the bone chip had lodged in my tissue. Good Grief.. so.. onto a walking cast for me to help it heal. Talk about having a totally messed up summer. The both of us.. lame.. having to prop up our legs.. my left,, her right.. I know.. I know.. people said we could tie our bad legs together and make an awesome potato sack racers.. hehehehe


The summer was spent repairing school band instruments which was a real struggle when you are incapacitated as we were. We got through the summer months and then once we were able to navigate we decided we needed a few days away.


We took off to Bangor for a couple of days and our good friend Kathy took care of our dog for us.



When we got back we decided to take our little dog into the vet to be checked. She was drinking so much and peeing twice as much and had lost weight. I thought.. well heck she must be diabetic.. ok.. we can deal with that.. a pill,, she will be fine.. after all she is only 8 yrs old. Blood tests were taken,, results not good.. her calcuim was off the chart and she was severely dehydrated, which meant only one thing.. yup.. she had a tumor somewhere.. so an appointment was made for the next day to have her hydrated and maybe xrays to find out where the tumor was. The next day we saw the surgeon and after a bit she said.. oh ,, the other vet didn’t check her anal glands.. yup.. there was the tumor.. about the size of a golf ball apparently. No hydration to be done but they wanted xrays to see if it had spread and then the decision to make about surgery if any at all.. Xrays were conclusive.. she had a huge mass along her spine in her lymph nodes that was pushing down on her bowel.. options.. just leave her.. and we would be dealing with 6-9 months before she passed.. or surgery at the vet college, chemo and the prognosis only two extra months. So Yes.. we made the decision.. take her home.. love her and when symptoms progressed then we would have her peacefully put down. That was two weeks ago!!!!


This past saturday we went out for dinner and came home with what we call the lucky napkin for her (table scraps).. Mag went to the kitchen to get the container open and Shadow was doing the happy dance waiting for the scraps.. next thing we knew.. she hunched over and dropped to the floor.. gave a little spasm and she was gone!.. She took a heart attack and it was over in about 30 seconds.. Gone!.. they said 6-9 months and we had 1 1/2 week with her. I guess the cancer had really taken a tole on her body more than we knew but the good thing was (if there was a good thing) she didn’t suffer from the tumors, no terrible decision had to be made by us. She went at home,, with the cats beside her. Poor Smudge, her nemisis just laid beside her on the floor like .. my best friend ,, come on,, get up..


Now.. here is the strange thing.. I had been looking for a second dog for company for shadow.. had contact with the shelters in the area about either fostering or adopting.. Sunday morning I got an email from one of the shelters saying they had an abandoned possibly abused dog.. would we foster or maybe consider adopting her. I was like.. OMG my dog just died last night,, huh?..after a bit of thought I said.. well.. when one door closes another opens.. so.. lets go see this little girl and maybe give her a home that will treat her well and love her..




Now look at that poor little girl.. the eyes.. the dispair.. how could I say no to taking her home with us.


So Long story short.. We miss Shadow terribly.. she will never be replaced but we can give a little girl a home that she needs.. yes we fostered her but made the decision almost immediately that she will have her new forever home with us. She loves the cats (they are coping with her) and she is training easily. She was very much a runner when we first got her since she had never been tied or walked on a leash. Early morning training sessions as well as late night training sessions are working for her. She is really coming around. We have renamed her Skye and I think she will be a great addition to our animal family.


Life works in strange ways I guess and who are we to question


here is a picture of her taken only a few days after we got her.. All brushed and content. Once again we have lucked out in the Dog department.




So that is the last few months in a nutshell. Never a dull moment around here!