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Addi Express Information

Posted by M Starr on December 27, 2013 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Over the past little while I have received a lot of requests for any information that I can supply for working with the Addi Express Machines. From what I can see, there is not a lot of information out there for the newbie trying to get used to the Addi Express Machine.


A lot of my hats have been test runs and I find that even if I copy down the rows I use for each hat I have found that they are not all coming out a standard size for youth/teen and adult hats. This makes it really difficult especially if someone orders a hat and I go to my shelf and take out a yarn that is marked as #4 worsted. It is truly frustrating to say the least. Another thing that changes your hat size is whether or not you have a center pull yarn or a regular wrapped skein. The center pull yarns basically have no tension as the yarn comes out of the ball. This causes the tension for the hat to be very loose and the hat will be bigger and longer if you use the same amount of rows from a hat that had a regular skein of yarn. Even though you pull from the center of these skeins, the tension will be much tighter so the hat will have less stretch and will be shorter.


My preference for a hat is the double knit hat. You knit a long tube and fold in half inside itself and gather the two ends. You can do one side in a solid colour and one side in a different or patterned colour. They turn out wonderfully warm and any joined yarns can just be left inside the hat.


for a good example on how to make a double knit hat, you can check out this  link  



I also have been following a lady on Youtube that has done a lot of research for the worsted weight yarn and how they interact with this machine. She has a great video explaining the different textures and widths of what is listed as #4 worsted weight yarn.


#4 yarns  



(yellow) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

(purple) Caron Simply Soft

(grey) Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!

(beige) Patons Canadiana

(brown) Red Heart Soft

(red) KnitPicks Brava

(green) Loops & Threads Impeccable – Michaels’ store brand

(lime) Bernat Satin

So basically you are not as dumb as you think,,hehehe.. it is all about the yarn! As you can see, there are definitely differences in the yarns and to read more about the comparisons there is a great blog called PlanetJune



Below is a chart that I now use to gauge an adult sized double knit hat.


Vanna's Choice 60 rows x2 =120 rows for the entire hat


Red Heart 65 rows x 2 = 130 rows for the entire hat

Deborah Norville 55 rows x 2 =110 rows for the entire hat

Big Lots 75 row x 2 =150 rows double strand for the entire hat



In order to size your hats you have to take into consideration. you can double the yarn, yes the machine should take it. Have fun and don't be afraid to pull out your yarn and redo a hat if you are unsure of the #4 yarn thickness's. Pretty soon you will know the tensions of your favourite yarns and making hats will be a lot of fun.



100?s of Patterns and Photos Stolen by DIYPatterns.com

Posted by M Starr on October 10, 2013 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)


 In the world of patterns, DIYPatterns.com has been accused of stealing patterns and photographs from websites such as ETSY and are selling them on their website. This action removes the authors and designers from being compensated for their work and completely benefiting DIYPatterns.com.


Though I have just received notice of this fraudulent act this morning, numerous complaints from many ETSY users have surfaced in The Crochet Crowd Inbox over night. Great people like Lianka Azulay, owner of BonitaPatterns.com has been directly affected as her designs and photographs were stolen. They are selling her patterns putting the money in their own pockets.

In several reports, the website was pulled offline yesterday but resurfaced by a new host today. This company is definitely in this for the cash bypassing any morals to play fair. This is the ugly face of fraud. In one complaint given to me, they are not delivering the patterns upon purchase. You might as well just throw your money into the wind.


Reports have been filed with the FBI, Paypal, The new website hosting company that has this website on their server as well as with Google. There is also allegations of this website ‘tampering with legitimate owners’ Paypal Accounts.


There is a notice to spread the word to save people from being scammed by this website. If you know of someone that has patterns on ETSY, you might want them to be on notice and see if their work is also on this website.


Please leave your comments below if you have something more to add. Thanks… On a personal note… this sucks and I am sorry to everyone that is affected by this non-sense!

here is the original Blog Post


Tartan Pine cone Ornament and Chain Scarf

Posted by M Starr on September 20, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Progress has been made. I did a prototype of the new christmas ornament I plan to have at two craft shows this year. I have made the regular ornaments for years and I decided I needed another design.


I need to work on getting the right size of blocks for the oval shape and the greenery was way to stiff to work with but now I know what needs to be purchased to make the ornament I am striving for.




The spray at the top of the ornament to me is much too heavy so I need to go on a search for a better solution. These ornaments will be made in the Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland , New Brunswick and Cape Breton Tartans. They make lovely gifts for the wayward maritimers living abroad.


I have also made a couple of new scarf designs. Happy with those. quick to make and can be worn several ways




Puprle wrap around scarf purple chain scarf



I will have many colours of these scarves available by next months craft show


Time to relax and enjoy the weekend



New Hat Design

Posted by M Starr on September 16, 2013 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I have had the time to sit and think over the past few weeks as I was recovering from a horrible summer flu. Well the darn thing held on through the best part of Sept and I am finally getting around to doing up a few new designs for the upcoming craft shows. I said I wasn’t going to do any more hats since I thought I had enough done for the shows I was signed up for. Well my head will not let me stop designing so here is the new design I came up with. This hat is knit in a soft teal satin yarn and is made to hug your head. I like it but I think I will do up a crocheted version to see how that compares to the knit version. The pattern calls for embroidered notes but I didn’t think they looked bold enough so I sat and crocheted up some notes and then sewed them on to the hat. Again. This was my fist time at doing notes and it as totally out of my head. Most people that know me , know that my head is a scary place to be.. hehehe.. With practice they will be perfected

I do like the colours for sure. I will upload the crochet version when I whip one up tonight.


Heres to mud in your eye and a wind at your back and may you never be alone unless you want to be..



august almost over

Posted by M Starr on August 25, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

August is almost over and I have accomplished very little this month. I came down with the flu and I have never had anything knock me on my butt as badly as this has. Oh well, week 3 and I am finaly starting to feel human again, although the tiredness lingers. 

I haven't even done a lot of surfing on pinterest or any other site for that matter. I have realy dropped the ball. The last couple of days I have made up some hats. I tried a new bucket hat design. Not sure I really like it made out of the worsted weight yarn. I think if I had made it out of cotton it would hold it's shape better

I also made a few double knit, double warm toques. Neon pink, neon purple, and neon yellow with fuzzy soft pom poms to match the bands

I am somewhat disappointed about how the pink shows up. It  truly is a hot pink but it shows up darker here. I will have to redo the picture tomorrow outside on the deck. I also did up a neon orange one and haven't gotten that picture taken yet.

Anyway.. another week over and done with. Looking forward to next week and possibly getting back to normal around here. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.. just saying!