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Summer Fun

Posted by M Starr on July 3, 2019 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Well good morning world

I haven't been blogging much as we were so busy setting up our updated shop here in the valley. My studio is no more. I have gratefully turned it over to the upvamping of our shop. This move has been extremely good on both ends. The studio is now the office for our repair intake and my smaller studio/office is in the upstairs of the house. I am good with that as I was really had started cutting back on the amount of items made for shows. I didn't do any shows last year as I was feeling burnt out and tired. That is when we decided to do the switch which was no an easy process.  Clean/purge/pack and decide which direction I was going to be going. Well the direction chosen has been a good one for me. I am concentrating on revamping my etsy which will reflect my mothers corner instead of truenorthcreations. I am relisting and setting up drafts for my patterns and as they become expired on the old etsy I will be ready to relist them under My Mothers Corner. I am also designing and writing up some newer dog designs. (Actually old designs that I used to sell on Ebay but had never written up) These dog designs just came out of my head as I was knitting but at least I was smart enough at the time to do up a graph and keep the pictures of these designs. Now all I have to do is put them in a template for my pattern and I will be good to go. This is my fall/winter project. I was thinking of doing a big show in October but I am really not sure if I will have enough stock for it since we are busy with 100's of intrument repairs that have to be completed by September. I am thinking that the items I have in my rubber maid container can be set out for 1 or two smaller shows just to sell off what I have on hand. That would certainly work for me this year. 

As for other things I have been making a few tea cup birdfeeders to use for photo shots of the birds. I just put them out when I want to take some shots. One has a drilled hole in the bottom to let the water drain but I really don't think I will have to depend on that as I plan to take it in when rain is forcast. I am really excited to see the shots and I am working on getting the right angle, distance and focus done today. I have a pair of cardinals that have been gracing my feeders and I wanted some close up shots. Also I have a female rose breasted grosbeak (no male yet) and I wanted some close ups of her as well. I will edit this post and add a picture when I have one to share. 

Well that is all from this little part of the world. The weather has finally cleared and hopefully we will be back to normal temperatures today. Time to get busy watermarking my patterns and putting them in the drafts of Etsy. I should be fully up and running there by September!  yay

Have a great day and remember to be kind

Salt and Pepper Newfoundland Hat

Posted by M Starr on March 16, 2019 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)


My mother used to make these hats many moons ago. I tried everywhere to find the pattern that most resembled my mother’s Pattern, as she was gone and no one knew where any of her patterns were. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. I should have worked with her to get her patterns but we all think that our Mothers will live forever. I made it my mission to find this pattern. Well after hours of looking online I finally turned to Facebook with a plea. It only took me 1/2 hour to find the pattern once my post went out. AND!!!! it was my mother’s original pattern that she had given to her friend once she could not knit anymore.. How cool was that!!!!.. My sister picked it up and mailed to me. I scanned it and I plan to put the original in a frame and hang it on my studio wall. Well last month a gentleman contacted me to see if I would make this hat for him. He had found the pictures and a write up about my mothers pattern. I agreed and made it for him and shipped it out. Wow. What a time I had trying to decipher the hand written pattern. It was trial and error as I was working on it and I was writing it out as I went in terms I could understand. I finally finished it, had the pattern written up in my template and figured.. why not allow other people to make their own hats.. sure.. yup..

So I now have the pattern available to download HERE

Here is the gentleman’s testimonial:

*** posted By Dave:

Maureen,I am running late on everything sorry.I received the hat last Friday,WOW.What a hat ,fantastic ,A-plus, the best quality, very warm. .Must I say more?

I found you and your hats by googling Newfoundland hats on the web.You may wonder how a guy from Pennsylvania USA knew about Newfoundland hats.After retiring from Verizon (40 years) I started driving a school bus part time.I picked up a new child in the beginning of the school year.His dad was a new teacher for Lasalle High School.And he was from Newfoundland. Come fall the child had on this really neat hat.I asked what kind of hat was it.He told me his grandmother made it and it was a salt and pepper Newfoundland hat.I went on eBay that night and bough a salt and pepper one from Saint John Newfoundland.

So there’s the story. Thanks again for the terrific hat..***

New Day, New Name

Posted by M Starr on March 4, 2019 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I suppose you have noticed the name change by now. Yes! I have gone back to my bloggers name. For the past couple of years I lost track of myself and went off the rails so to speak. I had totally forgotten why I even started selling these vintage patterns. The original stash that I had came from my mothers collection of patterns that I, over the years, built on. It became and obsession with me to say the least.  I have had my bloggers name at mymotherscorner.wordpress.com and it was also on facebook at mymotherscorner I tried to break off into a small business but I realized that really wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to connect with people, provide them with vintage out of print patterns, share what I had inherited from my mother and also to showcase my dog sweaters and original designs. 

So, upon reflection over the past few months, and just feeling that I had lost my inner self,  I came to a realization that I had totally strayed from what I really wanted to do. Hence the namechange on this site. I will be keeping my wordpress blog as it is but I will also be blogging on this site, most likely just one post put on both sites. As for the meaning of this site name I will try to make it clear for you, and I still giggle when I think of it.

 I had spent the better part of the evening before trying to finish up a knitting order and when I had finished I just got up from my chair in the corner and went to bed. The next morning I plodded down the stairs to get my morning coffee, came around the corner of the living room and just stood and looked at the pieces of yarn, knitting needles and candy wrappers. They had totally taken over my corner of the living room. I thought to myself "How did this happen?  How did I manage to have my mothers corner. You see, when I was younger I used to say to Mom. "How can you make such a mess?  How does this happen?"  She would laugh and say. Well I can't seem to get anything done without making a mess"  Well I have become my mother! I don't know how or when this actually happened but it did. So as I stood looking at the mess in the corner I started giggling and thought.. Yup. I have become my mother's corner. yup  sure did. 

So that in a nutshell is how I came up with the name of my blog. My mother is gone but I carry on her legacy of making a total disaster in my corner. And NO I will not take pictures..hehehehe. My website that used to be TrueNorthCreations has now been changed to MyMothersCorner. I feel pretty good about this name change. Everything is the same, and I will also be relisting all these patterns on Etsy under mymotherscorner, but this is a time consuming task as Etsy has no way of moving files from one account to another in bulk. One at a time is the way I will have to go.

So on that cheery storm day note I am off to have lunch and then start working on transferring my files.  Have a bright and happy day.... KNIT ON!


New dog sweater design

Posted by M Starr on January 6, 2019 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Another year just snuck up on me. It happens every year! One minute it is the first of December and then BLAM!!!! it is January. 

So I am back into production mode. I have been working on this site and having problems figuring out how to add a photo slider with html. I will get it eventually but in the meantime I will just use the front page I have now and wait for my head to clear so I can figure it out. I am looking to revamp the whole look of this site but it is a slow process. Good thing I can make test pages and work on those until I get it the way I want it to look. 

Anyway for now I am working on designing a couple more dog sweater designs. I have had a lot of people ask me if I have my fisherman knit design. Now a little back story on that sweater. Back about 15 years ago when I was in super production mode (and by that I mean, I was knitting 5 sweaters a week and listing them every friday on ebay). Most of those patterns I barely wrote down the design let alone make a graph for it. They were fly by the seat of my pants designs and I rarely made more than one of each design. My bad!  I have been trying to redo that pattern but I haven't come up with the design yet. So today I plan to get that at least partially figured out and made up and listed by the end of the week.

Now my question for everyone. 

"What would you like to see for a new dog sweater design?"  Go ahead.. suggest away. Have you seen anything on line that you would be interested in knitting yourself?  

Recalculating...buffer buffer

Posted by M Starr on December 7, 2018 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This cold finally did me in. I ended up having to get medication to knock it out of me, which knocked me out physically. I guess my body needed to rest and recoup as I spent a lot of time laying on the couch, watching a movie though my eyelids.  Every so many years I go through this but this time I was fortunate that  it did not move into my chest like it normally does. ..phew.. With that being said I made the call a week before I had to do my one and only craft show that I was doing this year.  I knew the way I was feeling that it would knock me out so I made that call for my benefit and also I did not want to pass anything along, even though I think I am way past the point of passing the germs around. 

So I have a container full of stuff I had planned to sell at this show. No biggie. I will just slide it under the table in my room and consider it a good start for next year. I did however have a lot of time to surf, pinterest.,,etsy.. etc. Read a lot of blogs and help sites with participating in a show. I know as an organizer I have always spoken to my vendors not to pile things on their tables. It really is a turnoff to see things stacked in piles. I know they want to sell all their stock but seriously you cannot just put everything on your table and expect shoppers to dig through your items. Shoppers will see this as way too much shit (pardon the language). I have decided to concentrate on 2 hat designs (in various sizes) an earwarmer design, and a neckwarmer design. That's it!. Instead of having 10 different types of hats scattered on a table, I plan to make a design that is appealing and inviting. This might be a mistake on my part but I will have an album of designs I can make and will take orders if you want something in particular. I thought it was time to change it up a bit so we will see how that will work out. I will also have a few hand painted ornaments as small ticket items for those shoppers with limited spending habits.

As for selling online right now, with the postal disruptions I thought it would not be a good thing to try and ship something out. This sucks! I have seen a lot of my friends panic as they watch their items sit in a postal facility. So it will be time to look into other options for shipping, get some pricing and see if that will work in the long term. Seriously.. when you go to ship a hat across Canada and the shipping cost is higher than the actual cost of the hat, then something is wrong! I have made the ones with the fur poms on them and tried to vacuum seal them but the poms won't squish enough to be able to put them in a bubble envelope and send them cheaply (rethinking the poms at this time) As for shipping to the states, it is 1/3 the price of the cost of canadian address shipping.  Again  GO FIGURE!!!.. and they want us to support their strike? When did greed overshadow customer service I say. OK enough about the strike. Nothing I can do about it from my little corner of the world but it sure put a halt on my sales for this year.  

So with that being said, I have worked on a pattern for weeks as I was recovering. Working,, tearing out,,, measuring.. remeasuring.. tearing out.. you get the idea. hahahaha..Came up with 11 different sizes of one particular pattern. I wanted to make an easy chart for Crocheters to refer to when making hats. I am not telling you what size hook to use,, nope.. it is all in the measurements. Easy right? Just grab some yarn, grab a hook (whatever size you want) and get started. 

This pattern can be made with anything from sock yarn to super bulky. It is basically an easy to follow chart that is my now "go to" when I make hats. No more guessing how long or wide a hat should be to fit a particular person. 

I have this pattern for sale


This pattern is a great one to follow while sitting by the fire, cuddled under a quilt and watching a movie. It is really a non thinker exept for when you have to stop to measure and great for using up scraps and partially used skeins of yarn. 

So as I sit here looking out my living room window at the snow falling (not predicted) and looking forward to Christmas with my better half and Christmas dinner with my Daughter and her family I have to reflect on how flipping lucky I really am. One more concert to attend (can't wait for this one) and a bit more baking to do but I am not stressing about anything this year. I am finally on the mend and I am looking forward to making it through another winter and coming out on the other side of it. (thoughts of spring, wet earth, flowers,, you get it) 

Have a peaceful safe ****Holiday Season**** and don't forget to hold your loved ones close to you as nothing in life is promised.